Zhuzhou Jintai Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. stands at the forefront of the global custom tungsten carbide hard alloy industry. With a wide array of engineering components, cutting-edge materials for saws, and wear-resistant parts, we provide groundbreaking solutions to industries across the world. Our exceptional product quality, international certifications, and patented innovations distinguish us, establishing our reputation as a trusted symbol of excellence and reliability. Join us as we continue our journey towards industry leadership.

  • Construction Machinery

    Construction Machinery

  • Manufacturing and Processing

    Manufacturing and Processing

  • Oil Exploration

    Oil Exploration

  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy



With over 50 years in hard alloys, WEI BING LUO is a legendary innovator. Her leadership fuels our commitment to excellence, driving our company's progress.


General Manager

With 30+ years in tungsten carbide, GUO LIANG LUO leads expertly. His broad expertise covers plates, rods, and saw blades. Excelling in team management, he drives growth and exceptional performance through wise decisions.


Customer Service Manager

With 25 years of experience, JIA LIU excels in customer-centric support. Their expertise and sincerity garner client praise and trust. Our dedicated team ensures superior service, united for a brighter future.


Production Manager

With 32 years in molds, plates, bars, and saw blades, ZHI YONG LUO plays a pivotal role, delivering dependable technical solutions. Prioritizing customers, tailored approaches optimize production and ensure quality stability.

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